Warehouse logistics

Warehouse storage is required for multimodal transportation. Current cargo transportation cannot be possible without cargo accumulation at warehouse spaces.

A modern warehouse is a technically equipped complex construction with a distinct structure. It fulfills receiving, storing and transporting operations, handling and distribution among the consumers.

Well-equipped warehouse spaces allow:

Interlogistics Group provides prompt services on cargo storage and handling, including specially equipped warehouse areas (crane, ramp, weighing equipment, loaders, etc.).

In accordance with the client’s demands, accepting and placing of the cargo in need of specific storage conditions is implemented. Oversized cargo, empty and loaded containers, vehicles are provided with room at warehouse areas.

In close cooperation with “TMK” Holding and PJSC “NCSP”, Interlogictics develops regulations, plans of processing and storing of tubular products by ways of using experimental and technical innovations that minimize cargo damage during transportation and at warehouse storage, in particular. Incoming surveyor control is organized to monitor the quality of tubular products at receiving cargo from a vehicle to the warehouse, and at cargo shipment to the vessel.