Container shipping

Container shipping is gaining worldwide popularity with each passing year. This is mainly due to advantages of sea transportation and container shipment, in particular. Among the advantages are low transportation cost prices, convenience and wide network of sea lines that connect ports around the world.

Containers have standard dimensions and are available anywhere in the world. Container shipment is convenient for multimodal transportation, as they are equally usable for railway and road transportation. Moreover, containers protect the cargo from damage and environmental impact. Cargo consolidation is one of the advantages of container shipment. The container has one route and logistic scheme, including multimodal, for all the small consignments of different clients. Consolidation shipment allows saving on costs by optimal logistics.

GC Interlogistics takes active participation in providing container shipment all over the world. Direct contacts with sea lines, terminals, and railway companies allow the Group to provide most convenient and cost-saving services for each client.