In addition to its main line of business, the group of companies Interlogistics has been actively involved in charity projects aimed at helping children with serious diseases, orphans, and families with low income.

The main partners in charitable activities for us are:

Children’s Charity Fund «Korablik»

Its history began in 2008 when the initiative group assisted children in need. Charity Fund “Korablik” was established in 2012. One of the founders is Purim Dmitriy Yurievich.

“Korablik” is a charity fund for children with serious illnesses and their families. It provides assistance and support to children on the basis of the Morozov Children's Hospital.

The fund has two lines of work. The Targeted Assistance Program aims at the organization and payment of children’s treatment. The Social Program creates children's play areas in hospitals and carries out interesting creative activities for children.

Charity Fund «Arifmetika Dobra»

Our friend Avdeev Roman Ivanovich, who has been effectively assisting orphans for many years, founded “Arifmetika Dobra” in 2014.

The Fund has developed several programs aimed at supporting and assisting families with adopted children, raising funds for the education of orphans. The programs also help in revealing personal potential and prepare children for the independent life after graduation from organizations for orphans.

To learn more about the funds, to support charitable projects follow the links of the official websites of our partners.

Anyone wishing to take part in a charity campaign and provide any possible assistance can also send the proposals directly to us.